Update April 13, 2020

The Governor just announced that he will be extending his safer at home order, affecting non essential businesses like barbershops, through April 30.  That means, barring any other extensions, I will be able to reopen Friday, May 1.  I will keep online booking closed until a couple of days before, just in case he extends it further.  


I want to thank everyone that has bought eGift cards.  You are making it possible for my family to get through this hardship.  Thank you very much.


I’m sorry that this keeps happening.  We will get through this.  You will have my work cut out for me when all this is over.  


I have been thinking of how business will look when I get back.  I probably will wear a mask.  I probably will ask you to wait in your vehicle until I am finished with the client in the chair.  I probably will limit how many are in the shop at one time.  I might not be offering beard trims or shave services either.  Many questions that I will need to have answered and ready before business resumes.  


Please be careful when you go out.  I want to see you back in the chair healthy and with too much hair!

“Barring any other extensions of the safer at home order, I will reopen Friday, May 1.


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