Update April 29, 2020



EDIT 10:31 am Well that didn’t take long.  See inserted Facebook post.  Maybe able to open Wednesday May 6.  A BIG MAYBE.  I’ll keep you posted.



Well once again it looks like my reopening date will be pushed back from Friday May 1 to…?  Possibly I might be able to open as late as Monday June 1.  Here are some images for you to read over and study along with me.  Click on the below images to read them more closely.


With the Governor’s executive order that was published yesterday Tuesday April 28, it looks like personal, close contact businesses will not be able to open until Saturday May 30.  However, as you see in the Facebook post from the state rep, it might be earlier.  The time stamp of that Facebook post is after the executive order came out yesterday.  It is vague, and it might not amount to anything.  Your guess is as good as mine.  One thing I do know is true, my guess that I would not be able to reopen Friday has come true.  I’m sorry that my soothsaying ability is on point.

This situation seems to be very fluid at the moment.  I will keep you all updated as soon as I get information about reopening.  

I want to thank you all for the continued support that you have shown me and my family at this time.  Thank you all for the texts, phone calls, emails, gift card purchases, and product purchases. Please let me know if you need anything… other than the obvious.

I’ll be in touch.  Be good.



(EDIT 10:31 AM Wed April 29  I’ve been made aware of new developments.  Maybe opening Wednesday May 6.) 

Looks like it will be a little while longer on the reopening date, as late as June 1.

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